What is your customer service number?

(042/051/021) 111 400 500
Monday -Saturday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Where can I buy Benjamin Moore paint?

Use our shop locator to get directions to the closest Benjamin Moore retail outlet near you.

What is washable paint?

High quality paint such as Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec has high washability; any scrub marks or stains can easily be washed away with lukewarm soapy water.

How to apply Benjamin Moore paint?

Benjamin Moore paint application is as easy as it gets. Primarily made for a DIY purpose, Benjamin Moore paint has anti-dripping properties and can easily be applied with a roller or a Nylon brush directly out of the can.

In Pakistan, excessive mixing of water is done in conventional paints. However, with Benjamin Moore paint it is recommended that paint is applied directly for the best finish and hide.

What is the Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio® app & ColorReader?

The Benjamin Moore Color Portfolio® app, available FREE on Apple and Google stores for iOS and Android, includes virtual fan decks, a photo visualizer, and much more.

Can you recommend a painting contractor?

Hiring a professional is an important decision. Your local Benjamin Moore retailer can help you find the right contractor for your job.

Who owns Benjamin Moore?

In 2000, Benjamin Moore was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, a family of companies under the direction of Mr. Warren Buffett. As a manufacturer of North America’s favorite paint brand, Benjamin Moore is proud to be part of Berkshire Hathaway’s distinguished family of sustainable brands. In 2018, Benjamin Moore Paints was launched in Pakistan at Hadayat & Co. Every Benjamin Moore retailer is independently owned and operated.

What does Zero VOC mean?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These compounds are the ones that cause irritation to eyes and nose when paint work is done. Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of premium low- and zero-VOC products. We are proud to have been the first company in the U.S. to introduce a zero VOC waterborne tinting system to the marketplace: Benjamin Moore’s Gennex® Color Technology.

Benjamin Moore is committed to developing environmentally responsible products designed to meet and exceed industry standards. Benjamin Moore products are effective, safe, and have a minimum impact on the environment.

Is Benjamin Moore AURA® paint good?

Ultra-premium AURA® Interior paint is Benjamin Moore’s highest quality paint. AURA® offers unparalleled color depth and richness, both long-standing hallmarks of the AURA® brand, which is also the preferred paint of interior designers.

AURA’s exclusive Color Lock® technology seamlessly locks pigments into the paint’s film, ensuring long-lasting color. AURA® interior also provides unbeatable hide and coverage (even with lighter tones or whites), and enhanced flow and leveling for smooth application and finish. AURA® Interior is also self-priming, offers fast dry- and recoat times and is engineered with Gennex®, which contributes to superior hide and color retention across all Benjamin Moore colors.

How long does it take for Benjamin Moore paint to dry?

Each Benjamin Moore product has a Technical Data Sheet (TDS) which is the best place to look for product-specific paint dry-times.

For a general idea, however, consider the typical drying time of our most popular premium brand:

Regal® Select Interior
Dries to the touch: 1 hour
Recoat time: 1-2 hours
Full cure: 14 days (‘curing’ is the point where the paint reaches maximum hardness)
Other influences for how long it takes paint to dry:

Substrate types: Drywall, brick, wood, metal, vinyl, stone, concrete, ceramic tiles, plastic

Environment: Paint takes longer to dry in humid environment, and dries faster in dry ones

Waterborne acrylic/latex paints, like AURA® Interior, Regal® Select Interior and ben® Interior, dry faster. Alkyds, oil-based, and waterborne alkyds, like ADVANCE® Interior paint, generally take longer to dry.

Which Benjamin Moore paint is best?

Deciding which Benjamin Moore paint is best depends on your needs as a customer as well as the project. That said, here are three of the best Benjamin Moore interior paints:

AURA® Interior paint is Benjamin Moore’s ultra-premium paint. AURA Interior offers unparalleled color depth and richness. AURA’s Color Lock® technology seamlessly locks pigments into the paint’s film, ensuring long-lasting color. Not surprisingly, AURA® Interior is the preferred paint of interior designers.

Regal® Select Interior is a time-tested premium interior paint that you can trust to deliver outstanding quality and durability for results that last.

Which Benjamin Moore exterior paint is best?

Deciding which Benjamin Moore paint is best depends on your needs as a customer as well as the application. Here are four Benjamin Moore exterior paints to consider:

AURA® Exterior paint With it’s exclusive Color Lock® technology, AURA® Exterior paint provides the ultimate performance for rich, full color and unprecedented durability.

Regal® Select Exterior paint resists fading, cracking, and peeling and provides a mildew-resistant coating, even in humid conditions.

Is Benjamin Moore paint good quality?

Benjamin Moore strives to manufacture the best quality paint on the market and has been North America’s favorite paint, color and coatings brand since opening in Brooklyn in 1883.

Benjamin Moore paints excel due to rigorous testing and an unwillingness to compromise on quality. Perfection comes from combining our unique paint formulas with our proprietary Gennex® Color Technology. Together, they work to deliver results that are both stunning and long lasting. Check out this profile of our paint color testing facility here!

Is Benjamin Moore paint oil-based or latex?

Both! Benjamin Moore offers paint in several formulas, including:
Latex or acrylic—water-based paint
Alkyd—oil-based paint
Specialty—waterborne alkyd (includes alkyd properties with soap and water cleanup)
Each painting project is different. Consult with the staff at your independently owned Benjamin Moore retailer—they can help you choose the right product for your next DIY project!

What is Gennex® Color Technology?

Gennex® Color Technology is the reason that you cannot “match” Benjamin Moore® color in another paint brand. Why? Because the combination of Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Gennex® waterborne colorant with Benjamin Moore paint creates an end-result that simply cannot be replicated.

Most common paint colorants require the addition of certain chemicals so that they can easily mix into any number of paints—chemicals that ultimately weaken them.

Proprietary Gennex Color Technology is engineered specifically by Benjamin Moore, for Benjamin Moore paints. The result is the premium paint that makes Benjamin Moore synonymous with quality.

AURA® Interior paint, AURA® Exterior paint, Eco Spec® Interior paint, Regal® Select Interior paint, Regal® Select Exterior paint, ben® Interior paint, ben® Exterior paint and many others are engineered with the “science” behind Benjamin Moore quality: Learn more about Gennex® Color Technology.

What is Color Lock®?

Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Color Lock® technology is exclusive to premium AURA® Interior paint and AURA® Exterior paint. Thanks to Color Lock®, color pigments are locked into the paint film, so color doesn’t fade, even after repeated washings. Benefits of AURA® with Color Lock® technology include:
Covers walls more completely so you can use less paint
Unprecedented durability and no color rub-off, even after repeated washings
Extreme hide to cover dark colors and imperfections
Uniquely smooth finish
In addition to AURA® Interior and Exterior paints, Color Lock® enhances AURA® Color Stories®, a sophisticated collection of 240 colors that exhibit an accentuated response to different lighting conditions.

Where can I get a Benjamin Moore color consultation?

Contact us at our head office
Hadayat & Co Canal
203 DSW, Main Canal Bank Road near Wafaqi colony Lahore
+9242 111 400 500

What is Benjamin Moore's most popular color?

White Dove OC-17 is the most popular Benjamin Moore white paint color—not surprising, given that white hues are essential to interior design and a go-to for homeowners alike.

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter HC-172 is also worth noting as an extremely popular neutral paint color. A classic light gray with warm undertones, Revere Pewter HC-172—part of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection—is beloved for its calming, restorative look that unifies any room. Check out more best-selling Benjamin Moore paint colors to help select the perfect paint colors for you!

What is your return policy?

All paint colors are tinted specifically for customers. Only un-tinted paint and unopened fan decks and painting tools can be returned or exchanged.

I am a painting contractor. How can I find my local contractor representative?

Your local representative can provide you with valuable marketing tools and much more. Here’s how you can contact a representative:
Call 042 111 400 500
Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm

How can I find my local architecture and interior design representative?

Benjamin Moore has knowledgeable architectural sales representatives available to help you with your specifications, color tools and educational programs. Here’s how you can contact a Benjamin Moore representative:
Call 042 111 400 500
Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm

How do I become a Benjamin Moore retailer/dealer?

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in working with Benjamin Moore as a retailer or a dealer.

Visit Head office:
Hadayat & Co Canal Showroom
203 DSW Near Wafaqi Colony, Lahore
Mon-Sat 10:00am-8:00pm