Waterborne Amine Epoxy

Waterborne amine epoxy is formulated to provide good chemical, abrasion and impact resistance on a variety of commercial and industrial surfaces, including steel, iron, concrete, non-ferrous metals, wood and drywall. Particularly suited for use on concrete floors. This waterborne product is easy to apply, and thus can be applied in occupied areas. This is a two component product that requires 3 parts of the proper “a” component mixed with 1 part of part “b” catalyst. The components are already premeasured to the proper mix ratio. No measuring required. Do not mix partial kits..
Key Features

  • Waterborne amine epoxy
  • Water cleanup and fast dry
  • Easy application with excellent adhesion
  • Very good resistance to water and chemicals
  • Excellent for use on basement floors
  • Suitable For Use In USDA Inspected Facilities

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